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researchersIn addition to product distribution solutions, L1 Enterprises offers our clients services for product assembly and light manufacturing. L1 manufactures products using quality controls that meet and exceed the highest of standards. Lot numbers, manufacture dates, and ship to customers for example are logged and tracked in accordance with FDA and/or all applicable regulations.

In support of the manufacturing component, L1 employs the use of an advanced delivery and distribution network composed of 30+ warehouses nationwide. This network is used on a daily basis by our clients within the healthcare system of the Department of Veterans Affairs. For our VA clients, through a proven usage level analysis, L1 has established par levels for VA facilities for the products they use most. Typically, if an order is placed before 11 am, the product arrives at the facility the very next day. The fill rate of this advanced distribution network exceeds 98%.

A "Win-Win" Scenario: By L1 Enterprises providing our clients with competitive manufacturing rates, a proven delivery and distribution system, the "Made in the USA" designation, and hiring the heroes who have ensured our way of life, everyone benefits.

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